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The Book of Lists includes information on more than 1,200 companies. Because businesses are ranked according to number of employees, revenue, square footage and other criteria, it is an invaluable business resource. 

The Book of Lists has a 12-month readership life and appears in both print and electronic format. It is distributed to area chambers of commerce, economic development offices, commercial real estate firms, and every subscriber and advertiser of GSA Business Report. Put 12 months of exposure to work for you.

Publication Date: February 2018  •  Advertising Deadline: January 2018

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Take advantage of this opportunity to get your marketing message to current members of our business community, and in front of the businesses and people planning a move to our area. 

Market Facts includes charts, graphs, tables, numbers and statistics critical to commerce in our region. Nine sections cover demographics; employment & economic development; education; medical & health care; finance; real estate; architecture, engineering & construction; tourism & transportation; and business resources.

Publication Date: June 2017  •  Advertising Deadline: May 2017

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GSA Business Report provides the news. Newsmakers provides the analysis and context to give you a year’s worth of insight into the stories that shape the Upstate’s economy.

In every issue throughout the year, GSA Business Report serves up the inside stories on startups, mergers and acquisitions, economic development announcements and scientific and academic advances. Newsmakers collects and binds the year’s most impactful articles into one volume with updated storylines provided by GSA Business Report’s editorial staff. Make an impact of your own with an advertisement in Newsmakers.

Publication Date: December 25, 2017 •  Advertising Deadline: September 18, 2017

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