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Avtec launches new product line

Staff Report //March 6, 2018//

Avtec launches new product line

Staff Report //March 6, 2018//

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Avtec Inc., a Lexington-based leading independent provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) dispatch console systems, is launching a new line of ScoutTM products.

Demonstrations of the Scout 100, Scout 400, and Scout 800 console series will be available Wednesday and Thursday during the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Orlando, Fla. Powered by the same platform used in Avtec’s flagship Scout solution, these economical packages are designed for dispatch centers that manage a finite number of radio, telephony, or Push-to-Talk over LTE lines.

“While Avtec has a proven track record of developing secure, reliable consoles for enterprise-level clients, one of the biggest requests from our channel partners has been for a tailored solution for smaller-scale dispatch environments,” said Alphonso Hamilton, Avtec vice president of marketing and business development, in a news release. “The new Scout family of solutions was designed by dealers for dealers, so it’s easier to sell, install, and support.”

Hamilton said the response to the new line has been positive.

The three new Scout packages are:

• Scout 100, a four-button, hardware device that controls up to four radio channels or talkgroups.

• Scout 400, an easy-to-expand, software-based solution to access up to four radio or telephony channels that includes built-in mobility and redundancy features.

• Scout 800, a scalable, software-based solution with built-in mobility and redundancy functionality designed to manage up to eight radio or telephony endpoints.