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Boeing to resume S.C. 787 operations

Staff Report //April 28, 2020//

Boeing to resume S.C. 787 operations

Staff Report //April 28, 2020//

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Boeing plans to resume its S.C.-based 787 operations this weekend, more than three weeks after production was suspended because of the coronavirus.

Most Boeing S.C. employees will return to work Sunday or Monday, with the third shift beginning Sunday and first and second shifts returning Monday.

Boeing S.C. senior leaders will return to the site on Thursday, and managers will return Friday to prepare for operations to resume.

Boeing employees who are able to work from home will continue to do so.

“The health and safety of our teammates, their families and our community is our shared priority,” Brad Zaback, Boeing S.C. site leader and 787 vice president and general manager, said in a news release. “Our approach to resumption of operations ensures we honor that priority by ensuring personal protective equipment is readily available and that all necessary safety measures are in place to resume essential work for our customers and prioritize the health and safety of our team.”

In preparation for employees to return, Boeing S.C. has installed new hand sanitization stations; installed signage and visual cues to remind employees of social distancing and health guidelines; and cleaned all of the buildings.

Employees are also encouraged to wear cloth face coverings, and voluntary temperature screening stations will be available.

Boeing S.C. is among the final Boeing sites to return to work after being suspended by the coronavirus. Commercial airplane operations in the Puget Sound, Wash., region resumed April 20 and 21, and military rotorcraft manufacturing and production in the Philadelphia area resumed April 20.