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CHS has a plan to tame the ‘travel beast’

Staff Report //March 9, 2018//

CHS has a plan to tame the ‘travel beast’

Staff Report //March 9, 2018//

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Even when things go right, preparing for a trip, being on time after battling traffic, finding parking and getting through airport security can easily invoke the “travel beast.”

You have seen this person —  if you haven’t been this person.

The travel beast is harried; they forgot to pack travel-sized toiletries, their bag weighs over 50 pounds and they really need a snack.

Braeden Kershner of Black Tie Music Academy will perform at Charleston International Airport as part of its new live music program. No word on whether he plans to have a cowbell. (Photo/Provided)

You could pack light. You could bring a water bottle and some cheese crackers. You could charge your phone. You could check in ahead of time, arrive early and stay calm.

But travel is unpredictable. Your gate could change. Security agents could have to search your perfectly packed carry-on to verify your flat-iron is not a weapon.

Enter the new Musical Ambassador Program at Charleston International Airport. Whether you’re sprinting through the concourse or leisurely enjoying lunch in the terminal, you can now take a moment (just a moment — we promise* they won’t close the gate) to enjoy some live music at the airport.

*We can’t actually promise that. Get there earlier.

Musicians will be performing throughout the airport at various times, particularly during peak travel hours. We imagine it as kinda like a flash mob, but with an advance schedule you can check so you’re not … accidentally mobbed.

Braeden Kershner of Black Tie Music Academy kicked it all off after a successful holiday music version. Other musical groups will also participate in the coming months, including a jazz guitarist, a barbershop quartet and a mariachi band. Not at the same time.

Music can reduce stress, according to Harvard Medical School. It’s also nice to listen to, according to us. Score one for the airport.