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Sorry, Peach at RJ Rockers

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May 21, 2022

6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

RJ Rockers


Sorry, Peach, an indie pop band, has their roots at Converse, and they will be performing at RJ Rockers for a fun and entertaining night! Hailing from the upstate of South Carolina, Sorry, Peach -- including Tyerra Clayborne (vocals), D'Irene Mason (drums), Kira Saini (bass/piano/violin), Jonathon Robertson (guitar/vocals), and Daylee Pruitt (guitar/vocals) bring an indie pop sound to the scene. After releasing their first hit single "Solitude" in 2018, they amassed nearly a million streams on Spotify alone. The band has over 16,000 monthly listeners as well who listen to their albums and singles on the regular. Thanks to their natural chemistry within the group, performances with Sorry, Peach are always interactive and fun.