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Community Event

The 2021 Spot Light Awards

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December 18, 2021

7:30 pm

Charleston Gaillard Center


It is known that there are many individuals; Servant Leaders in and around the state of South Carolina, who are thought of as “Angels on earth.” These individuals work tirelessly, giving of their time, energy, and money, to make a positive difference for others in their communities, while neither seeking nor expecting anything in return. The hosts of The 2021 Spot Light Awards seek to create an opportunity to thank and recognize these “Angels,” to show them that they are noticed and appreciated, by giving them “Their Flowers” while they are alive. The hosts also seek to utilize this event to open the eyes of others, to see that they too can do positive things that will change lives, and make a real difference in our communities. Each one of the nine awards that are given is in the name of one of the Emanuel Nine victims; with the permission of their families, so that we may remember them and honor the lives that they lived!