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A PRIVATE Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience

Community Event

A PRIVATE Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience

February 11,2021

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

251 East Bay Street Charleston, South Carolina 29401


Let’s Go Ghost Hunting in Charleston!

This Event is for PRIVATE Parties of 4-10 ghost hunters.
This is an interactive ghost hunting experience with real paranormal tools of the trade in Charleston, SC.
YOU are the paranormal investigator with author Nicholas McGirr as your guide.
YOU get the recorded data back to further investigate haunted locations around Charleston.
Full Thermal Imaging Video
Full Audio recording
Spirit box recording
Digital Pictures
Spirit Box Word list
Analysis of your findings.
This is a family-friendly event that allows you to explore the lesser-known haunted locations around Charleston.
This event starts at 251 East Bay Street and ends near 79 Cumberland Street.
Check for ticket availability. Each event is limited to 10 ghost hunters for a more personable and safe experience. This is NOT just storytelling on the street corners of our haunted city, this is a real time ghost hunting experience that gives you the opportunity to interact with your tour guide, other ghost hunters and the devices that prove the paranormal lives in Charleston.
What will you discover on your tour?


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