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Engenius Classroom Series: 2020 Digital Marketing Trends

Community Event

Engenius Classroom Series: 2020 Digital Marketing Trends

February 27,2020

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

University Center of Greenville 225 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Suite A-7


Marketing moves at the speed of light. The new year brings shiny new consumer trends, data, tools, tactics, and strategies. Add a few plays to your marketing playbook and stay ahead of the curve as we break down what’s on the horizon for 2020.

We’ll discuss:
– How to get back to the basics of marketing
– The steady rise of conversational marketing (and how to get started
– Steps to help you combat the “social media detox”
– How to choose a marketing technology stack that suits your business
…and a whole lot more.

Q&A Panel

After the presentation we’ll open up the floor for a 20 minute Q&A session. Ask your questions to Brooks Manley, Digital Marketing Specialist; Britany Ochalek, Marketing Director and Kory Radford, Director of Sales and Marketing at Engenius.

Cost: $35
RSVP at:
Date & Time: Thursday, Feb. 27, 9am-10:30am
Location: Auditorium of University Center of Greenville
225 S. Pleasantburg Drive, Suite A-7

The 4 Part Series Agenda:

This class is the first in a four part series on how to effectively market and grow your business. Register for all four classes and save $40. Choose the Class Pass during registration.

Other classes in this series will include:

Mastering the Buyer’s Journey Pt I: Drive Traffic & Acquire Leads

The buyer’s journey isn’t what it used to be. Acquiring leads and customers is no easy task, but digital marketing offers a ton of opportunities. Learn how to master the top of the funnel as we dive into SEO, paid media, email, content, and more.

We’ll also answer some age old questions, including:
– What are the best channels for B2C v.s. B2B?
– What’s the best approach for local brands vs. national brands?
– When should you invest in advertising vs. rely on organic tactics?
– How do you keep up with the ever changing search (SEO / SEM) landscape?
– What Is Account Based Marketing, and is it right for you?
– How often should you be posting content?

Class Date: March 24


Mastering the Buyer’s Journey Pt II: Nurture, Close & Retain

Acquiring site traffic and leads is just the start to a successful marketing funnel. Nurturing, closing, and retaining customers are the keys to growth. But the days of disingenuous sales pitches and hounding people with repeated cold calls are over. Digital marketing has ushered us into a new era.

Hear Engenius CEO Chris Manley speak on:
– How to align sales and marketing for a smooth funnel
– How to automate email marketing to nurture leads
– How to nail personalization to move leads through your funnel
– Why you need to keep marketing to customers with the flywheel model

Class Date April 23


Marketing Tools & Team: How to be Money Conscious & Effective

Pull together everything you’ve learned so far and learn how you can implement new tactics without breaking the bank. The two most crucial assets in your marketing department are your team and your tools. Learn how to set yourself up for success amidst countless options.

Find out:
– Which marketing tech is best for different industries, products, and experience levels
– What the marketing tech stacks look like at some top companies
– The top things to consider when hiring for marketing
– What questions to ask in marketing interviews
– What to outsource and what to keep in-house

Class Date: May 20th



Classes will be hosted at the auditorium at the University Center of Greenville.

The University Center of Greenville offers over 60 academic programs from 9 accredited and strongly ranked South Carolina based Universities and Colleges for the benefit of the Citizens and Economic Community of Greater Greenville and the Upstate; including, Bachelor Completion, Master, and Doctoral Degree Programs supported with state-of-the-art technology, classrooms, labs, and study facilities.


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