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Stingray Branding Ribbon Cutting

Community Event

Stingray Branding Ribbon Cutting

April 28,2022

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

8887 Old University Blvd Suite 201, North Charleston, SC 29406


Stingray Branding Expands into a New Office
For much of its existence, Stingray Branding has mainly operated remotely. However, while Thompson notes that he was always pleased with the quality of the services his team was able to deliver remotely, he felt that it was time to bring a more face-to-face approach to his team’s operations.

“COVID has created a bit of a paradigm shift in the sense that more companies are operating remotely than ever before,” Thompson remarked. “We’re doing the opposite. We believe that there’s no substitute for in-person interactions between a marketing agency and a prospective client. So, while we will always be committed to following health protocols, and while some of our work will still be done remotely, we embrace the opportunity to meet with prospective clients face to face to establish the trust necessary to launch a healthy professional relationship.”

The result of Stingray’s face-to-face approach is a new, much larger office in North Charleston, which the team has moved into earlier this month. Now located at 8887 Old University Boulevard Suite 201 in North Charleston, the team can host in-person meetings with clients much easier. The Stingray Branding team is happy to enjoy quick collaboration on projects that involve multiple people and different skillsets while still the ability to work remotely with clients and other team members that are outside of the Charleston, SC Metro region or that prefer video conferences over having to travel to an office to meet or work.

Stingray Branding is hosting a Ribbon Cutting at the new office on April 28th at 3 pm.

“We’re excited about all the recent upgrades to Stingray Branding,” said Thompson. “This is truly the dawn of a new day for us.”


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