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The Gray Havens Concert

Community Event

The Gray Havens Concert

April 19,2024

07:30 pm - 09:00 pm

First Presbyterian Church Worship & Arts Center, 200 West Washington Street Greenville, South Carolina 29601


In 2011, Licia and I went on a few dates. It didn’t go amazing, so we decided to just be friends. BUT my mom offered Licia “free” voice/guitar lessons at our house (I think to keep Licia in clear view).
Lots of stuff happened after that, but suffice it to say things went well, we eventually got engaged and my mom was thrilled. Just after Licia said yes to marrying me, I asked if she would be in a band with me as well…
Lots of stuff happened after that too, and now it’s been a full 10 years since we started The Gray Havens. Crazy.
In 2013 we kickstarted an EP called “Where Eyes Don’t Go” and decided to tour it in people’s living rooms across the country.
10 Years later, we want to go on tour and play a lot of those same songs on tour (not in people’s living rooms this time), and other ones too, and we would LOVE it if you came out and joined us!
Ps. In 2021, Licia decided to step back from touring and being an active member of the band to stay home full-time with our two wonderful boys, Simon, and our then-newborn, Noah. She is coming out of retirement (briefly) for this special tour. Don’t miss it!


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