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MLILY USA expanding Winnsboro mattress factory

Staff Report //July 13, 2020//

MLILY USA expanding Winnsboro mattress factory

Staff Report //July 13, 2020//

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Mattress manufacturer MLILY USA plans to expand its Winnsboro factory, adding 65 workers to a third shift and increasing production at the 650,000-square-foot facility by more than 4,000 units a day.

MLILY USA currently manufactures 2,000 mattresses a day with two shifts and 185 employees. The expansion will bring the facility to full employment with 250 workers, helping the manufacturer to meet demand expected to top 6,000 units a day by the end of August, according to a news release from the company.

“As the bedding industry continues its rebound, we are seeing significant growth and expect that growth to continue as more and more retailers and mattress suppliers are looking to fill their product list with mattress made in the U.S.,” Stephen Chen, president of MLILY USA, said in the release. “As retail reopens from the countrywide shutdown due to COVID-19 and fears of supply chain disruptions continue to grow, we are filling the need for a number of leading retailers, as well as meeting the demand for private label contract manufacturers that are looking for domestic supply partners.”

The factory opened in December.

MLILY USA is looking to fill jobs on its multiple production lines and in its warehouse as well as sewing and factory supervisory positions. The company recently installed its first robotics machine and has completed an automated racking system in the foam pouring area for foam storage.

“The excitement over our growth, both within the factory and the Winnsboro community, is palpable,” said Chad Reinsel, director of manufacturing for MLILY USA. “We expect the demand for our products to continue to grow, which allows us to continue to invest in the community and its residents.”

MLILY USA’s parent company, Healthcare Co. Ltd., originally invested nearly $50 million in a facility that had been dormant for nine years after Guardian Building Products left Winnsboro. In addition to producing mattresses for retailers throughout North America, the MLILY factory manufactures springs and proprietary memory foam used in its mattresses.