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Boeing to lay off hundreds of engineers; S.C. site unaffected

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Boeing Co's headquarters is located in Chicago. (Photo/provided)

Boeing South Carolina will not be affected by the large job cuts happening at other Boeing plants around the country, a company spokesman confirmed.

Reuters obtained an internal memo from the Boeing Co. outlining plans to cut hundreds of engineering positions in Washington state and other Boeing locations in the U.S. The involuntary layoffs will start June 23.

This follows another round of 245 involuntary layoffs set for May 19, as well as several hundred engineering layoffs that took place earlier this year, Reuters reported.

The aerospace giant announced in 2016 its job cutting plan for its Commercial Airplanes division. Company officials have said the layoffs are needed to cut costs and increase overall competitiveness.

While the most recent round of layoffs does not affect the 787 Dreamliner operations in North Charleston, job cuts have occurred at the S.C. site over the past year.

Around 600 Boeing S.C. workers in engineering, human resources, quality and operations departments were offered voluntary layoffs earlier this year. The company did not disclose how many accepted. In April 2016, 200 engineers received voluntary layoff buyout offers. Boeing did not say how many engineers accepted that offer either.

The company’s website shows 7,455 people work at Boeing S.C. as of March 31, down 110 people from 7,565 employees in January.

Its Commercial Airplanes division overall has about 74,196 employees as of March 31, down 599 from 74,795 in January.

“In an ongoing effort to increase overall competitiveness and invest in our future, we are reducing costs and matching employment levels to business and market requirements,” the company said in a statement. “Employment reductions, including managers and executives, will come through a combination of attrition, leaving open positions unfilled, a voluntary layoff program and in some cases, involuntary layoffs.”

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