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Passenger traffic climbing at CAE

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Passenger traffic at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport is on the rise, with an 81.5% increase in January and an 85.95% increase in February from the previous year.

CAE saw 69,231 passengers in February 2022, compared to 37,244 in February 2021, and 63,495 travelers in January 2022, compared to 37,007 in January 2021.

March is on pace to continue the climb, with 87,824 passengers already recorded, up from 56,401 last March.

“Passenger traffic has been consistently strong this first quarter of 2022 and we anticipate this steady increase month over month will continue as we head into the busy spring and summer months,” Mike Gula, CAE executive director, said in a news release. “We are seeing both personal and the long-awaited business travel return in great volumes, which is welcomed. We are not back to pre-pandemic numbers due to the air travel halt COVID-19 brought to airports around the world, but we have far surpassed early projections.”

This is the 80th year of flight at CAE, and the airport plans to recognize the milestone with images and events.

“In all aspects, the Columbia Metropolitan Airport is moving forward with a focus on creating the best airport environment not only for our current passengers, but the many more we know we will see come through our doors,” Gula said. “We’re preparing now for the inevitable future growth we will see and look forward to remaining a vital and strong economic engine and resource for this entire region.”

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