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Now, more than ever before, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are relying on leading edge technology to better service the needs of their business traveler clients.  To meet their pressing business demands, today’s business road warriors want and need to be able to work from any device – desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, smart phone.  They require delivery solutions that engage seamlessly with those platforms, and they require global connectivity.

John Townes (2014)

John Townes, Vice President
Direct Travel Inc.
Southern Region

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To remain competitive, savvy TMCs realize their clients are highly selective in the robust data publishing solutions that best meet their specific needs and expectations.  They’re not willing to accept solutions that may work optimally for other customers, but which fall short of their unique needs.  In short, the capacity to drive customers’ transactional data to the appropriate end points for them to conduct business is critical.

The clear trend toward highly “personalized” travel management has major implications for top tier TMCs who must rely on robust technology to meet client expectations.  It also implies the need to partner with the finest developers of new technologies that serve the travel industry.  

More and more, travelers crave out-of-the-norm travel experiences, expect spontaneous connection through social media and demand immediate (24/7/365) access to the travel professionals who craft their itineraries…mobile apps are simply a must.

Once best-in-class global travel programs don’t always now fit the demands of the increasingly complex worldwide travel landscape.  This is where proactive TMCs can step in to allay procurement anxiety, address changing global travel challenges and remain aggressive in cultivating the technologies on which we all rely.

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