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Passenger, cargo business slips in October at Columbia airport

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Staff Report
Published Nov. 25, 2015

Passenger and cargo traffic dipped in October at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport, but are still trending toward an overall increase in business for the year.

Statistics posted on the airport’s website show that the number of passengers who boarded flights slipped 0.88% in October to 45,515.

Meanwhile, the amount of freight loaded dropped 9.32% to 2,734 tons.

For the year, the number of passengers boarding flights is up 6.06% through October. For the 10-month stretch of 2015, the airport has counted 455,791 passenger enplanements compared with 429,759 for a similar period in 2014.

Among major carriers, Delta Airlines saw enplanements in October increase 1.55% to 19,906. American Airlines, which completed its merger earlier this fall with US Airways, reported a 1.75% increase to 18,423, while United Airlines dropped nearly 11% to 7,186.

Delta remained the market leader with 44% of passenger enplanements through October while American ranked second with 40%.

Counting departures and arrivals, passenger business at the airport rose 5.1% for a total of 921,399 through October compared with 876,567 for the first 10 months of 2014.

On the cargo side of the ledger, the airport is still ahead of 2014’s pace. Through October, 26,808 tons of freight had been loaded at the airport representing a 2.32% increase over a similar 10-month period in 2014.

UPS, which has a regional hub at the airport, reported a 10.36 decrease in the amount of freight loaded in October while FedEx dropped 6.88%.

The amount of freight loaded year-to-date by all carriers totaled 26,808 tons, up 2.32% over a similar period in 2014.

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