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Bullet Deliveries acquired by entrepreneurial couple

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An entrepreneurial couple has acquired Bullet Deliveries, a courier company based in North Charleston.

Clint Weimann, now CEO of Bullet Deliveries, and Whitney Weimann, the company’s CFO, purchased the company earlier this year after an 18-month search for business opportunities.

“Right off the bat, we could see several areas that do not require any substantial investment to that we could correct, that we could streamline and pretty much turn this location around,” Clint Weimann said.

Bullet Deliveries has been around for about 30 years. The Weimanns previously started a landscaping company called Good Natured Gardening, which they owned for 14 years before selling in 2017.

Clint Weimann said a “sizable chunk” of Bullet Deliveries’ business comes from the medical and legal industries, as well as international companies that need either last-mile or first-mile delivery.

Bullet Deliveries currently has 15 drivers.

Weimann said he and his wife are currently working to make the business in the Charleston-area as efficient as possible before scaling Bullet Deliveries to other South Carolina markets.

“When the time comes, when we feel like we’re a good model for investors, at that point we’re going to start approaching investors and soliciting accredited investors to partner with us for expansion,” Weimann said, adding that he hopes to open another location within the next year.

“It’s extremely exciting knowing that this location, we could turn around, make it more profitable, streamline it so that we have a model that we can duplicate in other markets,” he said.

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