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Developer proposes 32-unit townhome community to ‘reactivate’ Greenville’s Gateway District

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A Greenville-based developer presented a 32-townhome multifamily residential development project to the Greenville Planning Commission earlier this month.

Planners say their proposed project would make use of a site unused for several years. (Image/Provided)The proposed project, Creekview Townes, will include a multifamily residential development — made up of three clusters, with two-story, double-stacked, rentable townhome units sitting on a 2.8-acre lot between E. Park Avenue and Henrietta Street with Atlas Street bordering the site to the east — a residential artery in downtown Greenville.

The units will feature single car garages, and the site will include 65 parking spaces and roughly 56,300 square feet of open space. The open space will serve a vital need for green space in Greenville and would utilize land designated as floodplain in the area to achieve that goal, according to Brian Doiron, managing partner of Greenville-based architectural and design firm COR3 Design.

“This is a distressed property with a building on it that has not been occupied in several years,” Doiron said. “This redevelopment will bring a much-welcomed improvement and reactivate this area.”

In addition to COR3 as the architects on record, RealtyLink is the developer and SeamonWhiteside will join the project as the civil engineers.

RealtyLink Principal Phil Wilson said the current building is in a flood zone and cannot be occupied currently. So with this project, they hope to bring purpose and enrichment to the area. 

“Greenville has a one-of-a-kind downtown area, and the Gateway District is the front door to that,” said Wilson.

As a multifamily project, the design and architecture require informal review before the Design Review Board-Urban Panel, and formal approval by the Greenville Planning Commission. 

The planning commission approved the project on March 16, and Doiron said they anticipate starting the construction of the townhomes this August through August of next year.

Construction drawings will be submitted to the city of Greenville as well as utility providers for permits as the next steps, said Wilson.

“My partners and I are local to the Greenville area, and we are excited to bring a townhome rental product as an alternative to other rental choices,” he said.

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