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10 Startups to Watch

Creative Industries
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We chose 10 Charleston-area startups worth watching over the next few years, including one that is planning a farmers market on wheels and another that is revolutionizing the way people listen to music.

Startup founders lead small staffs through long days and tenuous circumstances as they work to grow their companies. They pitch for financing or operate on shoestring budgets. They learn to pivot when they do not find traction in one direction.

These 10 startups are all at various stages of growth, but they share the same entrepreneurial spirit — and the grit to take the risk.

— Liz Segrist

The 10 Startups to Watch:


Charleston Gourmet Burger Co.

Geekin Radio

Good Done Great


ISI Technology

Lowcountry Street Grocery


Pueri Elemental

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