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Company forms out of need to store, clean, repair liquid cargo containers

Distribution & Logistics
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Necessity is the mother of invention, and the newest company to invest $15 million to establish Goose Creek operations proves it.

Hydera was formed from a growing need to store, clean, repair and test bulk liquid cargo containers for the Charleston-area transportation industry, CEO Kent Fonvielle said.

“Charleston is a big import market and a growing cargo import market, and part of that cargo is bulk liquid cargo... Those are carrying various bulk liquids from around the world,” Fonvielle said.

The company’s origin story began with an introduction between Fonvielle and J. Aaron Montgomery, CEO of Ouray, Fonvielle said.

Montgomery had been working with tank owners to find a way to build a full-service depot in Charleston because market capacity was running out with the growing ports. His idea was to include cleaning, maintenance repair and required testing for liquid cargo containers.

Fonvielle on the other hand was looking to create a storage handling solution, and the two ideas merged to form Hydera, with Montgomery serving as president of the company now.

“I saw that transportation happening into our site and started working with our companies to make that supply chain more efficient,” Fonvielle said. “Rather than them coming on a ship into a port, driving them somewhere to land in a yard or storage until the company needed them, and then them being delivered to the site, we just put ourselves as the storage location so they can come right from the port to our site.”

Hydera is a joint venture of Pacolet Milliken, a spin-out of Milliken & Co., and Ouray Environmental Services.

Together they have set the wheels in motion to construct a full-service International Organization for Standardization container depot at the Charleston International Manufacturing Center. There, both empty and full containers can be stored in closer proximity to Charleston’s ports and chemical production companies.

As current president of Charleston International Manufacturing Center in Goose Creek, Fonvielle felt Berkeley County was a great place to invest and establish operations. The area includes roughly 1,600 acres of multi-tenant industrial park, many of which are chemical production companies that use hundreds of liquid cargo containers each to ship in their raw material for production.

S.C. Ports Authority President and CEO Jim Newsome said Hydera’s formation is encouraging because it’s expanding the logistics service industry alongside SCPA’s growth.

 “This new facility enhances services for specialty cargo, which is important to many major port customers and employers in the region,” Newsome said in a statement.

Located at 1690 Bushy Park Road in Goose Creek, the business is expected to create 15 new jobs by the time the facility is fully operational in 2022. Storage and transportation services could be offered as soon as October 2021.

 “Thanks to the success of our world-renowned ports, the tri-county area is full of opportunity, and companies are recognizing that at a rapid clip,” Gov. Henry McMaster said in a statement. “Hydera is yet another company to take advantage of the potential of Berkeley County, and we are confident they will find great success.” 

Reach Teri Errico Griffis at 843-849-3144.

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