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Upstate vaccine transport company purchased

Distribution & Logistics
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Softbox has garnered worldwide attention over the past year with Pfizer’s use of the company’s cold chain ULT shipping boxes, made in Greenville, to transport ultra-chilled COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

Ohio-based CSafe Global was one of those alerted to new opportunities the British company could bring to the American shipping market.

CSafe Global recently acquired Softbox Systems with plans to become “a one-stop shop for all pharmaceutical cold chain shipping needs,” according to a news release.

Softbox is headquartered in Birmingham, England, with a North American headquarters and manufacturing facility in Greenville. (Photo/Provided)

“Through this combination, we will be the partner of choice for cold chain delivery of high value, temperature sensitive pharmaceutical therapies,” Patrick Schafer, CEO of CSafe said in the release. “Both CSafe and Softbox have proven to be reliable partners for customers seeking a secure way to deliver their life-enhancing products around the world. We’re thrilled to now offer our customers a platform that provides everything from the highest quality packaging to AI-enabled thermal and kinetic monitoring and logistics management.”

The combined company, set to operate globally under the CSafe Brand, will be the only cold chain platform with end-to-end active air cargo and passive temperature-controlled cold chain packaging business serving the pharmaceutical and life science industries, according to the release. The acquisition will expand CSafe’s sustainable and eco-friendly offerings with reusable and recyclable pallet and parcel solutions from Softbox. 

“Our businesses are each rooted in a commitment to excellent customer service and high product quality, which made this combination a natural fit,” Kevin Valentine, CEO of Softbox, said in the release. “Together we will proudly continue to partner with our global pharmaceutical customers to devise and deliver the best solutions for their evolving cold chain shipping needs, supporting the delivery of temperature-sensitive lifesaving medicines and vaccines.

As part of the acquisition, Softbox CEO Kevin Valentine will assume the role of president of CSafe’s Passive Temperature Controlled Packaging Division.

Last December, John Hammes, general manager of Softbox’s American operations, told GSA Business Report that the company had plans to expand its 350 Frontage Road facility by 55,000 square feet in the coming years, as the current 65,000-square-foot facility is operating above 95% capacity.

“Additionally, we work with off-site vendors for key projects that demand additional space, and at our growth rate, we’re looking at another 100,000-plus square feet in the near future,” he said.

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