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Clemson trustees approve 2.75% tuition increase

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Clemson University’s board of trustees approved a 2.75% increase in in-state undergraduate tuition for the 2017-18 academic year that begins in August.

It is the smallest tuition increase in 20 years, according to the university.

Trustees also approved a $1.15 billion budget for the next academic year. It is an $80 million increase in revenue over the previous year, or 7.5%. Of that increase, $23.4 million will be from student fee revenues.

The university is budgeting for a $5.8 million increase in state and federal appropriations. Clemson will receive $124 million from the state — a 4.5% increase year-over-year — and $13.5 million from the federal government — a 3.8% year-over-year increase.

As part of the budget, the university will increase expenditures for instruction by $15.6 million and increase research spending by 11.5%. State-mandated cost increases of $10.7 million include an increase in the employer contribution rate to the state pension fund of two points. Other expense increases are utility and insurance ($756,000), regulatory, compliance and legal ($559,000) and academic/administrative support ($237,000).

The in-state tuition increase amounts to a $197 jump in tuition per semester for a full-time student. Trustees approved a 4.25% out-of-state tuition increase, or $727 per semester. A full-time South Carolina resident will pay $7,356 per semester while a non-resident student will pay $17,827 per semester.

“This increase will allow the university to continue to provide the high-quality education for which Clemson has become widely known while ensuring affordability and accessibility to our students,” said Clemson University President James Clements.

The cost of housing and dining will also increase this academic year. On average, the cost of on-campus housing will increase by $158 per semester and meal plans will increase on the average of $90 per semester. The university said the additional revenue generated from the increases will cover inflation, maintenance, equipment replacement and utility costs.

Last year, trustees approved tuition increases of 3.14% for in-state undergraduates and 4.27% for non-resident undergraduates. Student housing and dining increases were 5% across the board.


Clemson University tuition increases

Academic year                   In-state                Out-of-state

2010-11                                7%*                       8%

2011-12                                3.8%                      3.8%

2012-13                                3%                          4%

2013-14                                3%                          3%

2014-15                                3%                          3.19%

2015-16                                3.24%                    4.25%

2016-17                                3.14%                    4.27%

2017-18                                2.75%                    4.25%

*- Was originally 7.5% but trustees voted to decrease the increase.

Source: Clemson University.

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