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South Carolina State Library hosts social media workshop

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The South Carolina State Library in Columbia is hosting a free workshop to help people, businesses and government agencies engage on social media.

State Library public information coordinator Ellen Dunn will share what she learned about using social media at the Government in Social Media Conference in Nashville. Because social media platforms and trends are constantly changing, Dunn said the library regularly hosts workshops to share strategies with the public.

“We get together quarterly to talk about some of the latest things going on in social media,” she said. “We talk about things that affect anyone who works in either agency positions or government positions or even business because social media is such a broad topic that affects everyone.”

One of the things Dunn wants to share is how to get help from the platforms themselves.

“Facebook now has actual humans assigned to different regions within the country who can give you the help that you need as opposed to being thrown into a black hole when you reach out with a customer service request. So I plan on passing that information along,” Dunn said.

Helping organizations develop an emergency plan also is on the agenda for the workshop.

“You have to plan ahead so if the worst does happen, you’re ready to act immediately,” she said. “So we’re going to give you some ideas on the things that you can do now to plan for a possible emergency in the future.”

When it comes to managing content, Dunn said the workshop will offer strategies to ensure that content being posting on social media comes from reliable sources.

“We also have a presentation about fake news and how you can make sure that the sources that you’re using are, indeed, vetted and credible as opposed to information that’s just being thrown out there,” Dunn said. “So we give you some ideas on how to decipher that.”

The S.C. Government Social Media Idea Exchange will be held Friday from 10 a.m. until noon at the South Carolina State Library on Senate Street. It is free and open to the public but registration is encouraged.

Reach Renée Sexton at 803-726-7546.

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