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Mount Pleasant voters reject property tax increase for public space

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By Andy Owens
Published Nov. 5, 2015

Voters on Tuesday rejected a proposal by Mount Pleasant Town Council to increase taxes by 5 mills as part of a growth management plan presented earlier this year.

Nearly 52% of the 11,898 votes cast in Mount Pleasant went against the tax increase, according to data from the Charleston County Board of Elections.

The tax increase was part of the Mount Pleasant Growth Management Plan, a multitiered framework for decreasing housing density, increasing transportation impact fees and buying land for public use.

Town Council heard from several residents and organizations that supported the measure when the referendum received first-reading approval in July. Town Council members wanted an equal focus on the arts and seniors, along with sports activities. The original thinking behind the tax increase, outlined in March, was to allow Mount Pleasant to buy property for preservation, including parks, open green space or a combination of those, as well as to fund the design and construction of recreational facilities on land owned by the town.

The measure would have increased business taxes by $30 per year and residential property taxes by $20 per year for every $100,000 in appraised value.

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