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Find your sample ballot and other Election Day details

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Answers to voting questions

The S.C. Election Commission has robust online tools to help you register, check your registration, know how and where to vote, and more. Below is information about your voting precinct, voter registration and how to obtain a sample ballot online before Tuesday. Click here to see questions that will appear at the end of ballots for voters in Charleston County, Dorchester County and Summerville. 

Am I registered to vote?

Check online to see whether you are registered. If not, the deadline to register for this election has passed, but voters can register or update their registration for future elections online

How can I see what my ballot will look like?

To see what your particular ballot will look like, submit your information online, and at the bottom right of the next screen, click “View Sample Ballot.” On the screen after that, click the view icon to see the exact ballot that will appear on your voting machine on Tuesday.

What voters need to know about the state’s photo ID law

Photo IDs are required to vote: Voters can show an S.C. driver’s license, S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles ID card, S.C. voter registration card with photo, federal military ID or U.S. passport.

Need a photo ID? Voters can get a free photo ID from the DMV or from county voter registration offices. Registration offices are at:

  • Berkeley County: 6 Belt Drive in Moncks Corner, off North Live Oak Drive.
  • Charleston County: 4367 Headquarters Road in Charleston, off Leeds Avenue; and 1189 Sweetgrass Basket Parkway, Suite 300, in Mount Pleasant, off the Isle of Palms Connector.
  • Dorchester County: 201 Johnston St. in St. George, off U.S. Highway 78.

Forgotten photo ID? Voters may cast a provisional ballot that will count only if a photo ID is shown to the election commission prior to certification of the election (usually the Thursday or Friday after the election).

Unable to get a photo ID? Voters who bring a non-photo voter registration card to the polling place may cast a provisional ballot after signing an affidavit stating a reasonable impediment to obtaining Photo ID. Possible reasons include: 

  • Disability
  • Illness
  • Conflict with work schedule
  • Lack of transportation
  • Lack of birth certificate
  • Family responsibilities
  • Religious objection to being photographed 
  • Any other reasonable obstacle

Reach Liz Segrist at 843-849-3119.

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