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Spartanburg Regional opens medical building on Woodruff Road

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Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System expanded its reach a little farther into Greenville County in late July, opening a 31,000-square-foot medical office building on Woodruff Road.

Spartanburg regional COO Mark Aycock said the new facility, called Pelham Medical Office at Five Forks, which will house three physician practices and an extension of the Pelham Medical Center’s imaging department, is the health system’s response to rapid growth in the area and a corresponding demand for access to medical care.

Pelham Medical Offices at Five Forks on Woodruff Road was designed to tamp down stress during medical visits. (Photo/Provided)“We’re very pleased to be in this location,” he said at a ceremony opening the two-story building. “Certainly Greenville and Greenville County is a growing area. …. This particular zip code here at Five Forks is one of the fastest growing areas in South Carolina so we are very pleased to be here in this spot and to be able to serve this growing community.”

The physician practices at the new location will include Medical Group of the Carolinas-Family Medicine-Five Forks; Magnolia Plastic Surgery; and Medical Group of the Carolinas-Pelham Center for Women.

Aycock said when all of the practices have moved in, about 35 people will work there. Plans are underway to offer extended hours to serve more patients.

Tony Kouskolekas, president of Pelham Medical Center, said longer hours is one way medical facilities can fulfill patient needs.

“One of the things that makes a health care system great is access for folks in the community and this certainly brings (them) access to new providers as well as Pelham Medical Center,” Kouskolekas said. “In this very fast-growing community, people don’t want, if they don’t need to, to travel far for health care and certainly those that live here, traffic notwithstanding, won’t have to do that. On behalf of Pelham Medical Center, we are overjoyed to have this new location in our arsenal.”

Kouskolekas said a shorter ride to a doctor’s office is not the only way patients may have a less stressful experience. The building was designed with materials, lighting and colors similar to Pelham Medical Center for a reason.

“Much like the hospital, which was designed with elements of nature in mind, you will notice that this facility has many of the same aspects,” he said. “Natural stone, light and color scheme were designed to reduce anxiety. No matter what, people have some kind of anxiety when they engage with the health care system and hopefully this whole environment … with natural light, the colors, etc., will help put people at ease. Because the caregivers we have and will have are excellent and the expectation is you will have an excellent experience and be very calm and anxious free when you experience us.”

Chuck Hall, a member of the Pelham Medical Center external advisory board and a 20-year resident of the area, commended Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System for keeping up with the demands of a growing population. He said Five Forks has grown by more than 20% over the last eight years.

“Twenty years ago, who would have said that the city of Greenville would be the fourth fastest growing city in the United States in 2017?” he said to a crowd packed into the center’s lobby for a grand opening. “I certainly could not have predicted that. But clearly there was a vision at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare (and the leadership) did predict it. In 2008 Pelham Medical Center was opened … and a foothold was established here and there was a vision that this community was going to grow and there would be a need for the quality health care services that we have today.”

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