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East Cooper Medical Center launches new weight-loss procedure

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East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant completed its first Orbera balloon nonsurgical weight loss procedure Wednesday.

Dr. Morris Washington with East Cooper Medical Group said the procedure offers an additional, nonsurgical treatment option for weight-loss patients.

Nurse Kate Broderick (from left), endoscopy technician Candace Gaillard, Dr. Morris Washington and bariatric program navigator Karen Evanosky were part of the first Orbera procedure. Washington is holding one of the Orbera balloons.. (Photo/Provided)“The balloon is inserted through the mouth and into the stomach with the aid of an endoscope while the patient is under sedation,” Washington said in a news release. “Then it is inflated with saline to the size of a small grapefruit. While in the stomach, it occupies space, making the patient feel fuller with meals.”

The balloon is removed from the stomach after six months, Washington said.

The insertion process takes between 20 and 30 minutes, and patients generally go home the same day, according to the news release. Patients receive individualized support from East Cooper’s bariatric program navigator and team.

East Cooper Medical Center CEO Patrick Downes said the center first launched its bariatric program in May.

“Dr. Morris Washington and his team have performed several surgeries at our hospital over the last four months, and it has been very rewarding to be a part of our patients’ weight loss journey,” Downes said in the release.

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