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Hotel, jewelry store partner for unique Charleston experience

Hospitality and Tourism
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A new hotel and a longstanding jewelry store in downtown Charleston have come together with a creative partnership to draw patrons.

The bridal team at Emeline, which opened last year, has upped the ante for brides-and-grooms-to-be with its Heirlooms of Emeline.

The travel package includes a two-night stay in the hotel’s luxury accommodations and a private shopping experience at the 114-year-old Croghan’s Jewel Box on King Street, where the jewelry store closes its doors to all other customers and provides the couple with undivided attention.

“We were collaborating with the Lou Hammond team and really trying to come up with an iconic experience, with respect to really having a unique spin on a romantic getaway or celebrating an engagement or milestone,” said Shannon Hartman, director of sales and marketing at Emeline.

Hartman reached out and was excited to learn that Croghan’s was on board to collaborate on the experience.

In addition to the private shopping experience, guests will enjoy handmade macaroons from Emeline’s pastry chef, a carriage ride for two from the Church Street hotel and a glass of champagne and complimentary jewelry cleaning at Croghan’s.

“I think it really captures a lot of the timelessness of what Charleston offers and the history of Croghan’s, partnering with the experiences we want to provide to our guests,” Hartman said.

Emeline, which opened July 1, 2020, wanted to focus on wedding trips in particular to promote the hotel’s event space and courtyard, as the hotel has never known a pre-pandemic world, Hartman said.

“We launched in this world and kind of set our standards of cleanliness, sanitation – all those measures have been part of Emeline since we actually started,” she said. “That gave us an opportunity to really make sure we were mindful of those concerns, but also still provide a safe, but comfortable and engaging environment so people can kind of have a respite from what they’ve been experiencing and feel safe, but also get away and relax.”

With a number of Charleston-area hotels launching in the past two years, Hartman said Emeline fits into the scene by offering an authentic, engaging guest experience that you can only get from a luxury hotel.

“The whole concept is Emeline is our muse of that constant Southern hostess,” she said. “Our vibe here is really warm and gracious without ever needing pretense of a luxury experience, and I think you really feel that through the aesthetics and the offerings that we really try to bring to all our guests.”

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