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​African American museum in Charleston delays opening

Hospitality and Tourism
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The International African American Museum “has made the difficult decision to postpone its opening,” a news release stated, citing challenges regarding the building’s humidity and temperature controls.

Museums require extremely stringent humidity controls in order to display the most sensitive of items for extended periods of time, the release stated.

"This delay is necessary to ensure that the museum building achieves the conditions necessary to preserve and protect our most sensitive objects, artifacts, and art. In the meantime, we are monitoring humidity controls, which are suitable for all objects currently installed," the release stated.

The museum did not announce a specific opening date, but stated it is “working diligently in partnership with the City of Charleston and third-party advisors to remedy the matter and expect to welcome visitors in the first half of 2023.”

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“We regret this turn of events and any inconvenience to our loyal members, sponsors, and community,” the release stated. “In making this decision, we foreground the responsibility to ensure the highest standard of safety and preservation for our most sensitive objects, art, and artifacts that honor the journey of our ancestors and the tell critical stories of our nation’s history.

Early in the new year, the museum will accelerate efforts to engage with our community, member, and partners through several vigorous efforts, including by hosting monthly webinars through the Center for Family History and hosting on-site events featuring storytelling and music in the gardens, alongside various virtual and in-person public programs, the release stated.

It will announce these initiatives, as well as a revised opening schedule, in early 2023.

“We appreciate your understanding, value your continued support and partnership, and will persevere to ensure that this museum upholds its mission to honor the untold stories of the African American journey, paying tribute to the African American labor, resilience, and ingenuity that shaped our country and our world,” the release stated.

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