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Who hasn’t been sued once or a dozen times?

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Published Feb. 12, 2016

Dan Martin, the chairman of the Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration, offered sage advice to Mount Pleasant Town Council this week about how they should handle lawsuits.

Martin told town council, which is facing several lawsuits, that he has a simple formula for not losing in court: Follow the law.

“I’ve been sued so many times. Twelve times in 2012. I have two current lawsuits right now. One for the election in North Charleston, and one in another municipality,” Martin said. “But we won every lawsuit because my board follows the laws of the state of South Carolina, and if you follow your laws you will not have a problem.”

GOP and DEMOCMartin came to the council meeting to combat some bad information that he said was floating around some radio broadcasts about how many times you can vote in the upcoming Republican and Democratic primaries.

“There’s two primaries on two different days,” Martin said. “If you are voting in the Republican Primary, that’s Feb. 20th. If you’re going to be voting in the Democratic Primary, that’s Feb. 27th. You cannot vote in both. You have to make a decision before.”

You don’t have to register with any particular party in South Carolina, but you can only vote in one primary. Let’s repeat that: You can only vote in one primary, but you get to decide which one.

Martin also asked for help during the upcoming primaries.

“I need 1,200 people to work every time we have a countywide election. I need your support,” Martin said. “If you would like to work as a poll worker, please call my office, area code 843-744-8683 or 744-VOTE.”

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