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Vapor Apparel expands to the Netherlands

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After selling inventory through European distributors for the past decade, North Charleston-based Vapor Apparel has set up operations in the Netherlands.

Vapor Apparel performs digital sublimation printing and print-on-demand services on performance apparel and accessories.

Vapor Apparel's new facility in the Netherlands will handle sales and distribution operations. (Photo/Provided)Chris Bernat, Vapor Apparel’s chief revenue officer, said European customers and distributors wanted goods faster, creating the need for an overseas facility. The company’s new, 20,000-square-foot facility handles sales and warehouse operations in Goor, Netherlands, near the German border.

“Our new operations will make it easier for our distributors to replenish stock, and we will operate our e-commerce and print-on-demand services for B-to-C customers as well,” Bernat said in email.

Bernat said the Netherlands offered strong business partners and had the least complicated incorporation process for a European business launch.

Vapor Apparel Europe BV will operate as a separate company from Vapor Apparel.

Vapor Apparel maintains its headquarters on the former Navy Base in North Charleston and a 50,000-square-foot facility in Union County for apparel manufacturing and warehousing. The company also has distributors in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Reach Liz Segrist at 843-849-3119.

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