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BMW extends shutdown, considers new avenues to help during crisis

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As BMW Manufacturing halts its production for another three weeks, the global auto manufacturer considers new routes for meeting COVID-19 shortages around the world.

Plant Spartanburg announced this morning that production will restart April 30 instead of April 13 as a result of cross-country stay-at-home mandates, health concerns and ongoing disinfectant projects on location, according to a news release. Still, even as the plant’s production line has braked for longer than expected, BMW Manufacturing is not idle.

BMW's Plant Spartanburg has extended its shutdown to April 30 and has donated thousands of masks to Upstate health care providers. (Photo/File)BMW’s Greer location has donated thousands of masks to Upstate first responders and hospitals and is considering other ways to contribute to those working on the front lines of the outbreak, according to Sky Foster, manager of corporate communications at BMW Manufacturing.

BMW’s international locations also have bolstered health care mobility by offering vehicles to medical facilities and social service providers. The company also is considering production of critical needs goods.

“At its German and international locations, the BMW Group is also helping social and public institutions with donations of goods and materials such as breathing masks and disinfectants,” Foster said in an email. “The company is currently working closely with its global supplier network to procure the necessary respiratory masks and other medical equipment at short notice. It is also reviewing the possibility of producing medical masks.”

BMW is altering its existing production volume plans, shift models and workforce structure in response to the new coronavirus crisis, but the company has not released expected production numbers.

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