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Knox Abbott Lizard’s Thicket closes for renovations

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The Lizard’s Thicket location at 501 Knox Abbott Drive has closed for several weeks for renovations.

The restaurant will receive new paint and landscaping along with a new roof, booths and tables, an updated parking lot and larger, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant restrooms, among other improvements.

When it reopens, the restaurant will also feature an improved streetscape as part of the city of Cayce’s Knox Abbott beautification project.

“We have so many long-time customers that love the Lizard’s Thicket Knox Abbott location, and we want to update the restaurant as a thank you to them, as we plan to do with many of our locations,” Bobby Williams, chairman of Lizard’s Thicket, said in a news release. “The renovations will reflect an updated look and feel that our newer locations have, but customers will instantly feel at home and, of course, we’ll still serve the delicious traditional Southern cooking our customers know and love.”

All Lizard’s Thickets workers at the location will remain employed, and the company has given each employee the opportunity to work at other locations while the Knox Abbott restaurant is closed.





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