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Cryotherapy studio opens on Forest Drive

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A new Columbia business offers customers a way to improve both health and beauty through exposure to extremely cold temperatures.

John and Jennifer Hooks of Columbia recently opened Icebox Cryotherapy in a 1,726-square=foot facility at 4609 Forest Drive, Building E, Suite 3. Icebox offers whole body and localized cryotherapy, advanced compression therapy and advanced cryobeauty services such as facials and body sculpting.

Cryotherapy is a form of fast, naturopathic healing initially designed as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory joint diseases, which since has proven beneficial in other health and wellness applications, according to a news release. The process involves exposing the body for three minutes to ultra-low temperatures, ranging from minus 200 degrees to minus 256 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whole body cryotherapy treatment can cut injury recovery time in half and reduce both chronic and acute pain, according to information from the company. Other benefits include reduced inflammation and stress, better sleep, improved circulation and increased collagen.

“We want the time customers spend at Icebox Cryotherapy to be the best minutes of their day,” Jennifer Hooks said. “This will be a place where guests and members can experience the benefits of cold therapy all delivered in a natural way.”

The couple became passionate about cryotherapy after experiencing the benefits of the treatment for themselves.  John Hooks said he received immediate relief from lower back pain after trying the therapy at a Georgia location of Icebox run by one of Jennifer’s former coworkers.

Icebox Cryotherapy Studios is a whole-body cryotherapy company based in Georgia and is the first retail cryotherapy center in the U.S.

Reach Christina Lee Knauss at 803-753-4327.

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