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Sequence Real Estate: Commercial real estate firm goes beyond traditional services

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From left: Gene King, senior managing director; Terry Ansley, broker in charge; Justin Ross, sales associate

Matching clients with the right property is just the start of what Sequence offers

Most commercial firms are set up to handle the standard business of listing properties and finding buyers or tenants. Very few are set up to handle every variation of an investment property search and transaction, including access to debt and capital.

Sequence Real Estate (SRE) does more than the standard when working with its clients, performing services that include creating client profiles, identifying opportunities, matching goals, providing access to debt and equity and managing the investment after the purchase.

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SRE prides itself in finding off-market opportunities that match client needs, identifying potential equity partners and investing with clients when appropriate. While many commercial firms focus on matching customers to listed properties, that’s where SRE is just getting started.

“Our approach is that property listings are just a starting point,” broker in charge Terry Ansley said. “We track properties through typical ownership cycles to find the points where decisions need to be made with regard to refinancing or selling. We also stay connected with landlords to learn where vacancies may be on the horizon. By continually tracking properties in this way, we can often find the best fit for our clients in a property that never goes to market.”

Working through a complete team concept, SRE further separates itself from the other firms.

“We have gotten away from the individual armies of one that are common in real estate,” Ansley said. “In many companies, one agent might excel where others don’t, yet each agent has a valuable skill set. When we engage each team member in his or her area of expertise, the team excels and the client is best served. We have assembled a team that collaborates on each assignment, and everyone celebrates when the deal gets done.”

Gene King is senior managing director for parent company Sequence Holdings. He emphasized the relationship between SRE and its partner, Sequence Financial Specialists (SFS), which gives clients access to many forms of transaction financing not readily available from other commercial real estate firms.

“As part of Sequence Holdings, we can refer clients to Sequence Financial Specialists to utilize additional investment vehicles and provide the broadest range of services for clients. We have direct access to any kind of financing – debt, equity, cash, you name it – so we can get the whole transaction done, literally from start to finish,” King said.

“We pride ourselves in finding off-market opportunities, providing access to debt and equity and bringing a team approach to serving our clients.”

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