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(left to right): Matt Thompson, Manning Kolb, Mike White

Great Marketing Starts Here

By Matt Thompson • Senior Partner

With a name like Splash Omnimedia, it should come as no surprise that this team of marketing professionals is making waves in their industry. Named one of the fastest-growing companies in America by INC. Magazine, Splash Omnimedia continues to be recognized as one of the most innovative firms in South Carolina.

What makes Splash Omnimedia different? It’s all in the approach. With over 30 full-time team members, they strive to create effective, cohesive strategies tailored to the individual needs and goals of your business. They begin by identifying your target market, then craft a message that resonates with that audience, and determine which advertising vehicles will have the greatest impact. Incorporating both online and offline marketing tactics has continued to deliver results for their clients.

The plethora of services includes online solutions such as web design, landing pages and microsites, digital display advertising, retargeting, search media, email campaigns, social media and much more. When you combine these tactics with traditional offline solutions such as media buying, TV advertising, radio advertising, print publications, outdoor advertising, direct mail and much more, you get a very powerful and cohesive strategy. Splash Omnimedia connects you with your customers, wherever they may be.

But marketing, truly great marketing, is much more than that.

While an organization’s primary marketing and advertising objective is to drive additional opportunities, marketing is actually interwoven into every aspect of your organization. For instance, how does your organization answer the phone? Is there a confirmation email with a video of your services and products prior to an appointment? What’s your followup plan? What messages are on the wall of your lobby or on your trade show display? How do you engage and retain your current customers? Do they feel valued? If you go to trade shows, what is your followup strategy? Would your customers say that you truly have a full customer experience? Every message, every point of contact and every person within your organization is a representation of who you are and, more importantly, who your prospective customers perceive you to be.

As your marketing partner, Splash Omnimedia goes way beyond what other agencies define as “marketing.”

How can you effectively communicate with your customer base if your internal communication falls short? Splash Omnimedia offers full business coaching, leadership training and team growth plans. Splash Omnimedia has certified business coaches on staff and is currently serving business owners across the state and region. Whether in person or over the phone, Splash enables everyone in your organization to function at their highest level — empowering you and your organization to truly optimize all of your marketing and advertising efforts.

Whether you’re a small business, a nonprofit or a large corporation, the expert team at Splash Omnimedia is extremely versed in helping any organization at any size maximize their success.

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