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Offering guidance on complex issues, including harassment claims, performance evaluations, compensation and much more

By Sharon L. Sellers • President

If you want to make SLS consultants laugh, ask about a “typical” day.

“Each day is different and challenging,” says Sharon L. Sellers, SHRM-SCP, President of SLS Consulting, LLC. “But as we assist employers in successfully handling a myriad of employment issues, we also find each day rewarding.”

A portion of a recent week’s communication list is an indication of the variety of employee engagement services provided by SLS Consulting:

SLS Consulting President Sharon Sellers

  • An ongoing client asked that SLS perform a compensation study and assist with updating its compensation strategy to retain top talent.
  • A new client requested customized harassment and respect training for top management for an upcoming on-site senior VP meeting.
  • A client approved a new performance appraisal system created by SLS where managers could coach employees on embodying the organization’s Core Values through their daily work activities.
  • A human resources audit was completed that discussed ways for an HR department to be more efficient and reduce liability, and included SLS recommendations for the organization’s future growth.

“Our SLS consultants are all experts in their respective HR fields,” says Sellers. “All are certified through nationally recognized credentialing bodies, all have decades of human resources experience, and all bring their unique perspective to better assist our clients’ unique needs.”

SLS consultants are not attorneys but often work hand-in-hand with clients’ attorneys in preparing documentation, writing handbooks, and conducting objective investigations.

In addition to being well-versed in cutting-edge employee relations issues, each consultant also has a specialty. For example, Sellers is recognized nationally as an expert regarding harassment and retaliation in the workplace. She is often interviewed through such national media outlets as the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, and National Public Radio. Recently, she was invited to attend a meeting of the Administrative Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives to discuss revisions to their sexual harassment policies.

Consultant Beth Blanchard, SHRMSCP, has a master’s degree from Cornell University and is focused on bringing HR into the 21 century through the efficient use of HR technology and reducing costly administrative functions.

Peggy Smith, SHRM-SCP, has experience in both federal organizations as well as nonprofits, and is an expert in assisting clients when faced with potential litigation.

Deanna Cunnane, SPHR, brings to the group experience in large for-profit businesses, primarily in the financial industry.

Because SLS services include providing guidance regarding sexual harassment complaints, Sellers was asked what has surprised her the most in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

“I am amazed that in light of all of the press regarding appropriate behavior in the workplace, some employers tell me they don’t want to have employee training on this topic. Our new harassment training, which focuses on respect in the workplace for everyone, explains to employees about harassment and encourages them to communicate with co-workers and managers if they feel someone is being disrespectful.

“Some managers don’t want to discuss this issue,” she continued. “I ask them — if an employee feels he or she is being discriminated against or harassed, would you rather them know the in-house complaint procedure and come to you? Or would you rather them just go straight to an outside agency, such as the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission or the EEOC and file a complaint?”

Sellers says that today’s employees see news every day regarding harassment complaints. It is helpful to the employer if the details of harassment are explained and employers emphasize that they want to keep illegal harassment out of the workplace.

SLS Consulting, LLC has been helping clients by providing employee management solutions since 2004. Sellers summarized SLS Consulting’s continuing success by saying, “Our well-rounded group of HR professionals work together as we study our clients’ needs and brainstorm from our various perspectives to determine how SLS can help them not just survive but THRIVE.”

Learn more about SLS’ expertise in all facets of the complex world of human resources consulting at

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