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Charleston Steel & Metal: Leading the green revolution

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Charleston Steel & Metal annually recycles millions of pounds of scrap metal that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Fourth-generation family-owned Charleston Steel & Metal at the forefront of scrap metal recycling for more than 125 years

There aren’t many businesses whose daily transactions provide a tangible benefit to buyers, sellers, the government, the community and the environment. Charleston Steel and Metal is one.

Charleston Steel & Metal annually recycles millions of pounds of scrap metal destined for landfills that are then transformed into new products of use to people and businesses every day.

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2700 Spruill Ave.
North Charleston, SC 29405

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By recycling scrap metal since 1893, Charleston Steel & Metal was at the forefront of the green revolution before there was green and before it was a revolution.

A fourth-generation family-owned company, Charleston Steel & Metal buys excess metal from industry, businesses and individuals, and processes it at five locations around the Lowcountry. Items they accept include steel, brass, copper, electric motors and compressors, aluminum cans, household appliances, computers and even automobiles.

For larger industrial clients or building demolitions, Charleston Steel & Metal dispatches various types of trucks and trailers to meet client needs. With 30-plus trucks and 100 employees, no job is too big.

No job is too small either. Cleaning out the garage can net a family significant cash for a few bags full of aluminum cans and an old computer. Just take these items to one of Charleston Steel & Metal’s locations throughout the Lowcountry to collect cash in exchange for items otherwise clogging up space.

Even an old automobile, emptied of gas, the battery and fluids, can fetch hundreds of dollars.

Individuals and businesses can shop for inexpensive steel pipes, plates, beams and other building materials at Charleston Steel & Metal’s Mount Holly facility. It’s a great alternative to complete repairs or a building project.

Once the metal is removed from the waste stream, Charleston Steel & Metal cleans it, removes impurities and bales it or piles it up for sale. With their expertise in the metals supply chain and the benefit of a century of relationships with local businesses, they disburse items to individuals and businesses that can give the metals new life.

Another benefit of Charleston Steel & Metal’s operations in the reduction of the area’s overstuffed landfills. That saves municipalities — i.e., taxpayers — huge sums of money every year.

Absent recycling metals re-entering the supply chain, those materials would have to be mined or manufactured, using processes that are energy-intensive and environmentally destructive. The federal Environmental Protection Agency estimates that recycling copper offsets 30% of the world’s copper mining.

The EPA says Americans should value metal recyclers. By diverting re-usable materials from the waste stream, scrap metal recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to removing 4.5 million cars from our highways.

“We’re really an environmental business,” says Jonathan Steinberg, vice president and industrial relations manager. “We want the younger generation to realize how important metal recycling is for the future of our country and the planet.”

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