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R2P Innovations: Shutting the door on danger

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Retired Special Forces soldier Kirk Ferguson stands in front of one of his company’s ballistic doors with a 7.62-mm SCAR-Heavy rifle, an example of the type of weapon the door is designed to withstand.

R2P Innovations provides practical, proven, protective doors against the active shooter

There was a time when it was virtually unthinkable that anyone, other than a head of state or a multimillionaire, would want or need a practical high-security door. After all, who else would need — or could even afford — bullet-proof doors on their homes or places of business?

“Unfortunately, in today’s world, the need for such safety measures exists — too often, there’s a news story about a school, workplace, or hate crime shooting,” said Kirk Ferguson of R2P Innovations, a company that specializes in advanced bullet-resistant doors, light enough for everyday use in every setting.

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And until recently, there weren’t many practical solutions for dealing with such a horrific problem.

R2P Innovations’ staff and leadership all have extensive knowledge and experience in ballistics; Ferguson himself retired from the military after 25 years of service, 23 of which were in special operations. With that depth of expertise, R2P Innovations has developed a simple solution that anyone can use to mitigate the threat of an active shooter: a lightweight but virtually impregnable ballistic door.

“This door was initially designed as an answer to school shootings,” Ferguson said. “The idea of run, hide and hope isn’t an ideal solution. We were looking for a definitive answer — when everything else has failed, what do you want? So, we developed this door. The idea is to make this type of protection available anywhere for anyone who wants to mitigate that threat.”

The door is designed to stop bullets from pistols and even the heaviest long guns and assault rifles.

 “The .223 caliber is the standard round for the AR-15; our door can stop even more powerful .308 rounds,” Ferguson said. “All anyone has to do is shut the door and lock it and they’re safe. We want the shooter to waste all their time and bullets on our doors without injuring anyone, giving law enforcement time to arrive on scene and control the situation.”

There are ballistic doors available, but nothing like this, Ferguson noted. R2P’s door is a wooden door of standard size and thickness with a ballistic shield hidden inside it.

Not only can it retrofit into standard door frames, it only weighs 250 pounds, about half the weight of other ballistic doors, so extensive renovation to existing structures is not necessary. It also looks completely normal and shows no signs of being fortified.

“The big key is that we can now offer assault rifle ballistic protection where it’s never been available before,” Ferguson said. “Compared to all the other bullet-proof doors on the market that can stop this level of threat, we are affordable. Also, we believe you will see reduced anxiety levels because now, with this door, you have something you can do besides hide and hope the bad guy doesn’t come into your space. You are actually safe.”

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