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Metal Chem Inc.: Specialists in surface finishing chemistries

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By Marc Aleksinas, General Manager, Metal Chem Inc.

For the past 35 years, Metal Chem has been actively involved in improving the chemistry used in the surface finishing industry. Focusing on research and development (R&D) and production, our technology is the direct result of research chemists dedicated to the needs of our customers.

Mike Aleksinas, owner of Metal Chem Inc., with son Marc Aleksinas, general manager of Metal Chem Inc.As many industries have been compelled to reduce their environmental impact, Metal Chem and its owner, Mike Aleksinas, recognized the need to develop bright electroless nickel products without the use of heavy metals defined by the restrictions on hazardous substances (RoHS). (Electroless nickel is the deposit of a nickel-alloy coating by chemical reduction without the use of electric current.)Being first to market with these chemistries that did not sacrifice performance, Metal Chem built a brand as a surface finishing innovator, committed to R&D of “what’s next.” 

According to technical director Jordan Beavers, “we help companies achieve their productivity goals by providing meaningful technical support, customer-driven research and the ability to custom engineer formulations specific to our clients’ applications.”

Metal Chem’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction has led to its growth from distributing products in the Carolinas and Georgia to beyond North America.

With this growth, Metal Chem is celebrating the opening of its Mauldin facility, which increases production capacity by more than 200%. 

Mike Aleksinas, owner of Metal Chem Inc., with son Marc Aleksinas, general manager of Metal Chem Inc.However, it’s the R&D department where Metal Chem invested most in its $4 million expansion. Metal Chem increased bench space by more than 400%, including 5 new hoods and a new pilot line for validation of process for customer projects.

Metal Chem’s expansion will increase our R&D capability, better support our growing list of customers and help us maintain our best in class technical service.

Our customers’ trust in the quality of our products has helped us achieve this growth. But, most importantly, the new facility represents our recommitment to continue to grow with them and continue to invest in the future with our customers.

We look forward to continued growth in Mauldin.

This content first appeared in the GSA Business Report Book of Experts.

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