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BOOK OF EXPERTS: Doctors Care - The expert in occupational medicine services

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Doctors Care has served communities of South Carolina for more than 40 years, offering comprehensive urgent care, primary care, occupational medicine and corporate wellness support, with flexible evening and weekend hours. We treat over 1 million patients per year and support over 4,500 major employers and municipalities across the state.

Dr. Curt Grob, Occupational Medicine DirectorUnder the Doctors Care Employer Health Services and Occupational Medicine umbrella, we work closely with employers. We understand the importance of keeping them informed of patients’ progress, return-to-work status and treatment recommendations. We work with employers and employees to make it easy to navigate workers’ compensation processes with minimal business interruption. Our providers are highly skilled, with years of specialized training. They are known for their commitment to helping each patient achieve the best results possible.

Recently, Doctors Care Employer Health Services welcomed a new expert in the field of occupational medicine, Dr. Curt Grob, Occupational Medicine director and a trained, board-eligible occupational medicine physician. Grob coordinates and oversees all occupational medicine services for Doctors Care. That includes coaching statewide Doctors Care providers on occupational medicine, and consulting employer groups on the best occupational medicine benefits for their employees — all with a compassionate and personal approach to patient care.

"I'm passionate about helping companies succeed by taking the best care of their workforce,” Grob says. “My mantra is, ‘Let’s work together as a team to get the best outcomes.’ ”

Grob previously served as on-site medical director for Spectrum Health Resources, in addition to providing occupational medicine to Federal Law Enforcement Training Center personnel.

He attended medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina and has a wide range of graduate education, including degrees in health care economics from the Harvard School of Public Health and in public health from SUNY at Albany.

He recently completed a residency in occupational medicine at HealthPartners Institute in Minneapolis. He is a member of the American Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the South Carolina Spine Society.

“I am very excited about the expertise and savvy Dr. Grob brings to our occupational medicine service line,” said Dr. Shelley Janssen, chief medical officer for Doctors Care. “His enthusiasm for occupational and environmental medicine and his approachable demeanor will make him a real asset to our providers and our employer clients.”

Doctors Care maintains a solid commitment to looking to the future as we continue to meet the needs of our patients and partners. Our driving mission is to provide the highest quality care while delivering the greatest possible value and convenience. We will work with you in every aspect of the treatment, communication, documentation and billing for your injured employee. To set up a no-cost agreement, call 888-845-6887.

This content appeared originally in GSA Business Report's Book of Experts.

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