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10 employees laid off at PeopleMatter following acquisition

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Several employees have been laid off at Charleston-based PeopleMatter after the company was acquired by Snagajob. (Photo/Liz Segrist)

Employees are losing their jobs less than two weeks after Charleston-based tech company PeopleMatter was acquired by Snagajob.

Ten people were laid off of the 17-person PeopleMatter sales team on Wednesday, according to several former employees. Snagajob spokeswoman Lauren Dyke confirmed today in an emailed statement that layoffs occurred but would not specify the number of people being laid off:

“We are incredibly excited about the passionate and talented PeopleMatter executives and employees that have now joined Snagajob, filling critical roles and closing talent gaps. ... As part of the natural evolution of integrating two organizations, a very modest amount of employees have exited the company or moved into different roles to account for overlaps in responsibilities. We are fully supporting these employees during this time of change.”

Immediately after the June 23 acquisition, company representatives said no layoffs were planned at PeopleMatter and that the tech firm would maintain its Charleston presence.

Snagajob, which has locations in Arlington and Richmond, Va., did not respond to questions about how many people were laid off or whether other layoffs or any relocations are planned. The company also did not confirm whether PeopleMatter will maintain its two offices on King Street.

Since its founding, PeopleMatter has helped put the Charleston region’s budding technology scene on the map over the past seven years by attracting venture capitalists’ interest, hiring more than 100 employees and creating a tech company headquarters in the middle of bustling Upper King Street.

PeopleMatter has been undergoing a transition for most of this year after company co-founder Nate DaPore stepped down as CEO in January. DaPore ran the company since its founding in 2009.

George Mackie immediately assumed the helm of the company up until the acquisition. Mackie is a former partner with Atlanta-based venture firm Noro-Moseley Partners, one of the firms to invest in PeopleMatter.

Thus far in 2016, Snagajob has had a year of growth — securing $100 million in funding and forming a partnership with LinkedIn.

Both companies’ cloud-based workforce management software platforms are designed to help companies better find, hire and manage hourly workers, and both serve businesses ranging from one location to Fortune 500 businesses with thousands of locations.

PeopleMatter serves more than 45,000 locations; Snagajob serves more than 200,000 employers.

In a blog post about the acquisition, Snagajob said: “We have acquired PeopleMatter, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management platform designed to fit the specific needs of the service industry. Together, we are going to turn everything about finding jobs, hiring employees and working in the hourly space upside down.”

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July 13, 2016

There have been more than 10...just sayin'. And wouldn't surprise me if there are more down the line.

July 08, 2016

I guess those 10 "people" don't matter!