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SC Codes adds new Java course

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The statewide coding education program SC Codes has added a new course to teach Palmetto State residents the basics of Java programming language.

SC Codes, which officially launched last year, is a state-funded program, so any resident with access to a computer and internet can take courses; beginner and advanced curricula are available.

The new Java Concepts course provides an introduction to the Java programming language, covering proper syntax, variables, classes and methods.

No prior experience with Java is necessary.

SC Codes also has courses on Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and front-end engineering.

The S.C. Department of Commerce’s Office of Innovation and Greenville-based nonprofit Build Carolina announced plans in December to expand the SC Codes program. The expansion is expected to include additional host sites and partners across the state, additional course content, and exploration of plans for certifications and apprenticeships.

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