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ROARING TWENTIES: Get to know winner Software Projects Consulting

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Members of Software Projects Consulting accept their award at SC Biz News' Roaring Twenties event. (Photo/Ariel Perez)

Check out this Q&A with Roaring Twenties winner Software Projects Consulting.

The company, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Summerville, is led by Frank Muehlenkamp.

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 What is the main driver of this year's revenue growth?

Increased on-shoring of manufacturing to the U.S. and the search for improved supply chain transparency and automation.

How has your personal approach to leadership changed as your company has grown?

Less work in the trenches and more focus on supporting the team and business growth

What changes do you see ahead in your industry and how are you reacting to them?

We continue to see an increase in the manufacturing depth triggered by increasing cost of off-shore supply chains. We provide specific expertise in vertical integration of production processes with SAP.

If you were giving advice to business owners or managers, what would be the three most important tips you would include?

I am still learning myself what it takes to manage a business and a team with the goal of all of us being able to grow together. So maybe my three tips are to work on continuously improving yourself, your team, and your business.

How do you build your team?

Beyond the special skill set we need, we always look for an overall compatibility with the rest of the team. I have other team members conduct interviews as well to receive their feedback.

What are the top attributes you seek when hiring employees? Are you planning to increase head count in the coming year?

We are always looking for the right talent. We have a looking for a very specialized skill set that is not easy to come by. From past experience, I learned it is worth waiting for the "right" candidate.

If you could go back in time and do one thing over, what would it be?

Remove myself from the trenches sooner to focus on strategic growth. It is even nowadays not an easy thing to do with my expertise being in high demand. This experience has to be channeled now into longer term benefits for the company overall.

Fun fact that the world might not know about your company.

Born and raised in Germany I came to the U.S. in my mid thirties. Living and working in the US was such a wonderful experience. It made me realize that I would like to call this my home. It does not matter where you grow up, you have to move around to find the place that is right for you. This journey is ongoing.

Reach Jason at 864-568-7570.

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