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One of the most givingest counties in the state

Staff Report //February 28, 2020//

One of the most givingest counties in the state

Staff Report //February 28, 2020//

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The generosity of the Charleston area is well-known. We are the homeport for companies that serve nonprofits and have an entire startup culture that’s built on strong support for nonprofits. We just like helping people.

SmartAdvisor Match, a financial investment and consulting service created by SmartAsset, analyzed data from counties across the nation and found the Charleston region to be one of the most charitable in the state.

According to the numbers, the most givingest counties in South Carolina are Beaufort, Greenville, York, Richland and Charleston.

SmartAdvisor Match looked at how much people in those counties donated as a percentage of their take-home pay and how many people in a given county made donations to begin with. They did a lot of math, including looking at IRS data for federal, state and local taxes, and population and charitable giving data, to come up with an index to determine the most charitable places.

For a little perspective, the top S.C. county, Beaufort at 61.7 on the index, was 20 points lower than the overall No. 10, Greene, Ga., which scored an 81.2.

Most Generous Places in S.C.

Rank County Index
1 Beaufort 61.7
2 Greenville 56.2
3 York 55.9
4 Richland 55.5
5 Charleston 55.4
6 Lancaster 53.6
7 Lexington 52.8
8 Georgetown 52.6
9 Aiken 51.8
10 Spartanburg 48.5

Source: SmartAdvisor Match, IRS