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PRC Laser to relocate to Ladson

Staff //March 9, 2020//

PRC Laser to relocate to Ladson

Staff //March 9, 2020//

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A manufacturer of industrial lasers and laser systems is establishing operations in Ladson, moving its headquarters from New Jersey to Charleston County.

PRC Laser Corp. will be located at 4279 Crosspoint Drive in Ladson. The company is investing $1.4 million to establish operations in the Lowcountry, which includes renovating the 40,000-square-foot space to meet its needs.

“We manufacture fairly heavy machine tools,” said Walter Wilson, president of PRC Laser. He said the building needs “work with installing overhead cranes and some buildout in terms of the electric service inside the building — so those are all things that we’re investing in.”

The facility is expected to be operational by June.

PRC Laser is expected to create 73 new jobs, which Wilson said will include production jobs, engineering jobs, and sales and support jobs.

Wilson said he’s confident the company will be able to find the workforce it needs because of the types of jobs it offers.

“Most of the machine … is going to be materials and electronics and purchased components that we use to build a system out,” Wilson said. “So the labor is not that significant a part of it. So we should be able to attract people with an interesting job, number one. You’re not building 1,000 of one thing a day. You’re building three or four machines on a monthly basis.”

He added that PRC Laser is able to pay more than other companies because it doesn’t have high overhead costs.

Wilson said he chose to move PRC to the Lowcountry because of its proximity to the Port of Charleston and other logistics operations.

“We have kind of a global business. … It’s a good spot for us,” Wilson said.

He added that he’s also a S.C. native and said it’s nice to return to the Palmetto State after 30 years in the Northeast.

“When you can golf in January, it’s a win-win for me,” Wilson said.