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State gains $7.6M in tax revenue from Airbnb in 2017

Staff Report //February 9, 2018//

State gains $7.6M in tax revenue from Airbnb in 2017

Staff Report //February 9, 2018//

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South Carolina gained $7.6 million in tax revenue from Airbnb in 2017, a report from the company shows.

To date, Airbnb has remitted $9.6 million in tax revenue to the state since the company began collecting in June 2016. The company collects and remits hotel, occupancy and tourist taxes on behalf of its hosts and guests.

“Last year, 431,000 families, college football fans and business travelers used Airbnb to visit the Palmetto State, and the millions in tax revenue that our community creates will have a positive impact on the state’s education, infrastructure and health resources for years to come,” said Will Burns, public policy director for Airbnb in South Carolina.

South Carolina residents earned $69 million in 2017 by sharing their homes with Airbnb guests.

Nearly 6,600 families hosted at least one Airbnb guest. An average host shared his or her home 38 nights, earning $7,300.

Columbia ranked eighth in the state with 14,300 guest arrivals totaling $1.8 million. During August’s total eclipse, close to 800 guests used Airbnb to find a room.

Airbnb also revealed the most wish-listed listings for guests in Columbia. Wish Lists is a feature on Airbnb’s platform that lets travelers save and share their favorite Airbnb listings with family and friends.

A downtown apartment led the Columbia list, with locations in Elmwood Park and Rosewood also making the top 10.