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State groups receive grants to improve digital literacy

Staff Report //May 22, 2018//

State groups receive grants to improve digital literacy

Staff Report //May 22, 2018//

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The State Workforce Development Board has award more than $225,000 in grants to three state organizations to develop programs to improve digital literacy.

The Epworth Children’s Home in Columbia, Greenville County Schools’ Lifelong Learning and the Medical University of South Carolina’s Project Rex received grants aimed at addressing a digital skills gap. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that approximately one in 10 adults said they would have difficulty finding jobs and services online, contacting potential employers via email, filling out an online application and creating a resume on a computer.

 “We are excited about the work these three organizations across our state will do to help close the digital skills gap and provide people with new job opportunities,” said Pat Michaels, the board’s governance committee chairman, in a news release.

Epworth will use a $100,000 grant to provide digital skills development for foster youth. IT-oLogy will develop digital competency workshops for high school and older students, as well as a program of certification courses to prepare select students for the job market. Epworth will also crate a formal career services program.

Lifelong Learning will use a $25,070 grant to incorporate a digital literacy program into current job readiness classes offered at Greenville’s vocational rehabilitation office. The program will also include training in interviewing techniques and professional presentation.

Project Rex will use a $100,000 grant to build digital literacy skills through the Autism News NetWORK, an online series of videos produced by program participants featuring fellow students discussing their experiences living with autism. The program will focus on digital media production as well as developing interviewing and teamwork skills.

“These grants will help develop programs to improve the computer literacy skills for those in need so they can participate in today’s changing workplace,” Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce, said.