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Upstate Giving, Aug. 31

Staff Report //August 31, 2020//

Upstate Giving, Aug. 31

Staff Report //August 31, 2020//

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Hollingsworth Funds

Upstate Forever was awarded a $75,000 grant by the Hollingsworth Fund for equipping Greenville’s community leaders and citizens with land-use solutions impacting the Upstate Community, according to a news release.

The environmental and land-use advocacy group also received a similar grant of the same amount in 2018 following a study on the unsustainability of land development trends in Greenville County from both an environmental and economic standpoint.

“With generous support from Hollingsworth Funds, we will help community leaders understand how land use regulation and zoning influence nearly every aspect of our daily lives — expanding, or drastically limiting — opportunities for local residents,” Lisa Hallo, land policy director at Upstate Forever, said in a release posted after the 2018 donation.

Greater Carolinas Region Red Cross

Michelle Kaufman and Lolo Pendergrast drove Charlotte's Red Cross emergency vehicle to Louisana this past weekend. (Photo/Provided)The Greater Carolinas Region Red Cross is sending volunteers to aid with relief efforts in Louisiana following the impact of Category 4 Hurricane Laura.

Volunteers will serve in shelters, deliver meals, coordinate logistics and administer health and mental health services, according to a news release. An emergency response vehicle deployed from Charlotte this past weekend was used to deliver water, meals and other emergency supplies to families effected by the disaster.

Up to to 5,000 people were given emergency housing on Wednesday through the Red Cross.

The Greater Carolinas Region Red Cross, based in Charlotte, serves 47 counties in North Carolina, as well as Cherokee, Chester, Lancaster and York counties in South Carolina.