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What city could be better in winter?

Staff Report //January 3, 2020//

What city could be better in winter?

Staff Report //January 3, 2020//

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Nothing could be finer than Charleston in the winter. (Photo/file)If this story is appearing in your Friday email, you probably already know the answer. That’s right, the friendliest publication to the Holy City, Conde Nast Traveler, has again put Charleston on a list of top places to visit.

However, Charleston didn’t make the top spot. Gasp! Right? How is that possible?

Mild winters are the norm, and if you're not interested in going to No. 4 Miami, Charleston is a great place to winter away from the Northern blast of snow and ice. (Photo/File)You must realize that this is a list of cities that are actually better places to visit in winter. Yes, Charleston, the city that gets vastly more floodwaters than snowflakes, made the list for one simple reason: It’s hot as hell in the summer.

NOAA reported an average temperature of 88 in July, but we all know with 100% humidity, it can feel like 188. The city also had an annual snowfall of 0.4 inches last year. Who knew? So the editors at Condé Nast figured out another reason to charge a trip to Charleston.

They’re not wrong, of course, and year-round tourism is really what we’re all about (sorry, Myrtle Beach, you’re still a seasonal beach town even with golf), but aside from what Summerville is doing with its ice-skating rink, you’re not going to find many wintry activities in the Charleston area. That is, unless you consider surfing a winter sport, and many do. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Here’s our distilled-down reasons for the cities on the list. Maybe you can add one of these places to your post-holiday travel plans. You can read the full story online, which has more details than we’re even going to attempt to give you below.

Rank   City Distilled (by us) reason
1   Jackson Hole, Wyo. It's beautiful, and not just because of the snow.
2   New Orleans Fewer people visit in the winter, so no waiting for a table.
3   Washington, D.C. Ice skating rinks pop up around the city, including on top of historic hotels.
4   Miami Northern winters are miserable, and Miami is about as far South as you can drive without leaving the U.S.
5   Park City, Utah This one was easy: Winter sports. All of them.
6   Charleston It's hot in the summer, but the winters are mild, and no snow to shovel.
7   Telluride, Colo. Skiing without too much pretense, plus amazing coffee.
8   Santa Fe, N.M. Pretty easy, right? "Santa" is right there in the name.
9   Kauai, Hawaii Southwest starts flying there this month. Reason enough.
10   Los Angeles L.A. is a great city to visit anytime, and the weather is nicer now.
11   Aspen, Colo. This great winter city has snow, tradition and local liquor.
12   Kansas City, Mo. Condé Nast needed 12, and they seemed to have picked K.C. quite randomly.

Source: Conde; Nast Traveler, which provided many details that we distilled and commented on and provide completely without warranty of any sort. If you go (or stay), you're on your own.