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‘First-of-its-kind’ medical waste facility to open in Summerville

Jason Thomas //February 6, 2023//

‘First-of-its-kind’ medical waste facility to open in Summerville

Jason Thomas //February 6, 2023//

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EcoSteris provide environmental and health care integrated waste treatment and disposal solutions using clean sustainable technology. (Photo/EcoSteris)

A “first-of-its-kind” health care waste treatment and disposal company is set to open in Summerville.

EcoSteris confirmed that March 1 will be the start date of its "state-of-the art" operations at 112 Fabricators St., according to an EcoSteris news release.

The company claims to be the first facility of its kind nationwide to provide environmental and health care integrated waste treatment and disposal solutions using sustainable technology that meets strict national and international safety standards and regulations, according to the release.

EcoSteris understands that regulated medical waste management is not only an issue of cost and convenience, but it is also a subject of liability, public relations, social responsibility and environmental sustainability, the release stated.

That is why EcoSteris is committed to providing advanced, comprehensive and integrated medical waste solutions that are designed to help health care providers, medical waste generators, and service partners establish safe, sustainable, reliable and affordable waste management and disposal operations that protect our public, preserve the planet and reconcile economic and social needs, the release stated.

The company's focus on sustainable practices and automation is what sets it apart from others, according to Youmna Squalli, president and owner of EcoSteris. The project represents a $6 million investment and will employ between 12 to 16 people.

"The operation is going to be the first of its kind in the industry, fully automated from start to finish," Squalli said via email. "We wanted to carry the sustainable approach not only in the treatment process, but also in the way we operate on a day-to-day basis, hence a lean operation with minimum employees. This will allow us to be aggressive and competitive when it comes to our pricing considering a lower overhead."

EcoSteris offers reliable and affordable off-site medical waste management services for small and large  waste quantity generators throughout the state of South Carolina, the release stated. Its service plans include:

  • Medical waste removal and disposal services;
  • Sharps disposal management and services;
  • OSHA and HIPAA compliance training;
  • Medical supplies and packaging;
  • Consulting services;
  • Professional and financial services: investment assessments and cost analysis; and
  • Permitting and compliance.

“Apart from jobs creation that the business is expected to bring to the community, EcoSteris is committed to deliver essential sustainable services that protect the public from harmful waste,” Squalli said in the release. “Our operation does not involve the use of chemicals or burning of the waste; we follow a clean and environmentally friendly approach. Our tagline line is: ‘Sustainability is our passion,’ which we take to heart, hence why we increased our investment and went an extra step further with our double shredding process post steam sterilization. While the regulations in the state of South Carolina does not require the waste to be shredded, at EcoSteris, our treated waste will go through a double shredding process.

“This will not only reduce the volume of the waste by more than 85% but it will also allow us to have unrecognizable waste that is safe to be recycled or disposed of. This process is going to have a huge positive impact on the landfills of our community from a safety and environmentally perspective and for all our taxpayers.”